Amigurumi Agnes Recipe


skin color; Nako diamond 3148

Shoes; Kartopu baby natural white k010 (similar thickness such as Lanoso alara, Kartopu amigurumi, Alize cottongold plus)

T-shirt and socks; Snowball amigurumi yellow k330, brown k890 (you can use whatever you want with similar thickness)

Tulum ;- Kartopu fine crochet K1521 (like yarn diva etc.)

Hair; Gazzal baby cotton black

for eyes; two 25-cent white felts. Black, brown and white yarn. This rope can be a single layer of any brand.


mr= magic ring

O(ch) = Chain

inc= binary Increment

W = Triple Boost

dec= Binary Decrement

M = Triple Deduction

C (CC) = Loop shift

sc(SC) = Sc

BLO = Knitting by sinking into the yarn behind the loop

FLO = Knitting by sinking into the yarn in front of the loop

T (HDC) = Single Handrail

F (DC) = Double Handrail

F (TR) = Triple Handrail

VHDC = 2 HDCs in/to Same Hole

VDC = 2 DC to same Hole/ground

Color Change


Agnes Head

1- mr 6sc
2- 6inc = 12sc
3- (sc,inc)sc6 = 18sc
4- sc,inc, (2sc,inc)sc5, sc = 24sc
5- (3sc,inc)sc6 = 30sc
6- 2sc,inc, (4sc,inc)sc5, 2sc = 36sc
7- (5sc,inc)sc6 = 42sc
8- 3sc,inc, (6sc,inc)sc6, 3sc = 48sc
9- (7sc,inc)sc6 = 54sc
10- 4sc,inc, (8sc,inc)sc5, 4sc = 60sc
12 rows 11-22 60sc
23- 15sc, (inc,sc)sc5 , 7sc, (sc,inc)sc5, 18sc = 70sc
24-28 five rows of 70sc
29- 15sc, (dec,sc)sc5, 7sc, (sc,dec)sc5, 18sc = 60sc
30- 4sc,dec, (8sc,dec)sc5, 4sc = 54sc
31- (7sc,dec)sc6 =48sc
32- 3sc,dec, (6sc,dec)sc5, 3sc = 42sc
33- (5sc,dec)sc6 = 36sc
34- 2sc,dec, (4sc,dec)sc5, 2sc = 30sc
35- (3sc,dec)sc6 = 24sc
36- sc,dec, (2sc,dec)sc5, sc = 18sc
37- (7sc,dec)sc2 = 16sc

  • Those who want to wear eyes 14-15 mm eye 19-20. They can be attached by leaving 8sc space between the rows.
  • nose stitching 21-23. coincides with the rows.

Description of the Arms

1- mr 6sc
2- 6v = 12sc
3 to 5 three rows of 12sc
6- (2sc,a)sc3 = 9sc
Twelve rows 7-18 9sc
With yellow color;
19- 9sc
20- blo 9sc
With brown color ;
21 – 9sc
With yellow color;
22-23 two rows of 9sc
With brown color;
24- 9sc

*Blo part 20th row will be knitted 9sc Flo with yellow color

Agnes Overalls Recipe

1- Combine 30 ch, 30sc
2- 26 twenty-five rows of 30sc
In this way, the two legs will be knitted and joined.
Combined will total 60sc
three rows of 27-29 60sc
30- A total of six reductions will be made. (from the sides, front and back) = 54sc
31 – Subtract two from each side = 50sc
32- subtract two from the front = 48sc
33- 44 twelve rows 48sc

The front part of the jumpsuit;

1- center and knit 18sc
2-3 two rows of 18sc
4- Skip 1sc, 14sc, dec = 16sc
5- Skip 1sc, 12sc, dec = 14sc
6-13 eight rows 14sc

For mobile;

1 – 1 Och, 9sc
2-9 eight rows 9sc
10- subtract from the sides

For hangers;

1- 4ch, 3sc
42 rows 3sc

Agnes Shoe Recipe

with white color
1- 9ch, 7sc, inc, 6sc, inc
2-inc, 6sc, 3inc, 6sc, 2inc
3- sc, inc, 6sc, (sc,inc)sc3, 6sc, (sc,inc)sc2
4- 2sc, inc, 6sc, (2sc,inc)sc3, 6sc, (2sc,inc)sc2
5-blo 36sc
6-7 two rows 36sc
8- blo 11sc, 6dc dec, 13sc 9- 9sc, 5ded, 11sc
10- 7sc, 2dec, sc, 2dec, 9sc

  • For the tongue, do 6sc from the front, 1 ch back 6hdc, 1 ch back 6sc
  • 9ch pull, 8sc for tape

With yellow color;
Knit the same with the shoes until the 10th row
11- 7sc, dec, sc, dec, 9sc = 19sc
12- 4sc, 2dec, sc, 2dec, 6sc = 15sc
13-19 seven rows 15sc
20- Flo 15sc

With skin color;
21- 15sc to the remaining part of the blo
22-34 thirteen rows 15sc

*Cut the rope for the right leg, knit 5sc for the left leg

Agnes Size Recipe

35- Join the feet with 2ch. 15sc, 2sc on chain, 15sc, 2sc on chain = 34sc
36-37 two rows 34sc
38- Increase from the sides 36sc
39-43 five rows 36sc

With yellow color;
44-45 two rows 36sc

with brown;
46- 36sc

With yellow color;
47-48 two rows 36sc

with brown;
49- 36sc

With yellow color;
50-51 two rows 36sc

with brown;
52- 36sc

With yellow color;
53-54 two rows 36sc

with brown;
55- 36sc

With yellow color;
56-57 two rows 36sc

with brown;
58- 36sc
59- At this time, we will join the arms. With yellow color; 9sc with 3sc arm, 15sc with 3sc arm, 6sc
60- 9sc, 6sc (arm-around), 15sc, 6sc (arm-around), 6sc

with brown;
61- 42sc

With yellow color;
62- 8sc, dec, 4sc, dec, 13sc, dec, 4sc, dec, 5sc = 38sc
63- 38sc

with brown;
64- 7sc, dec, 4sc, dec, 11sc, dec, 4sc, dec, 4sc = 34sc

With yellow color;
65- 6sc, 4dec, 9sc, 4dec, 3sc = 26sc
66- (2sc,dec)sc6, 2sc = 20sc

With skin color;
67- Blo (2sc,dec)sc5 = 15sc
68-70 three rows 15sc
Leave thread to sew,..

We have come to the end of the amigurumi agnes recipe, I hope it was a pleasant knitting and your children were happy.