Amigurumi Flower Girl Recipe and Preparation


One piece of each color is enough.

Skin color: 3412 Gazzal baby cotton

White: 3410 Gazzal baby cotton

Pink: 3468 Gazzal baby cotton

Yellow and green: 3417 and 3448 Gazzal baby cotton

Fuchsia: 3415 Gazzal baby cotton

Hair rope: Yarn bee true colors Intermediate lace for hem and socks

One 4 or 5 mm skewer to place wire and wire for 80cm tall 2.5mm 18cm 1.5mm support

2 pcs 10mm button + 2 pcs pearl button

2 shoe soles (shoe recipe is available without sole.)

14mm eye and bead fiber


MR = Magic ring

O (CH) = Chain

inc = binary increment

W = Triple Increase

dec = Double Decrement

M = Triple Decrement

C (CC) = Stitch shift

(SC) = Sc

BLO = Knitting by sinking into the thread behind the loop

FLO = Knitting by sinking into the thread in front of the loop

T (HDC) = Single Handrail

F (DC) = Double Handrail

F (TR) = Triple Handrail

VHDC = 2 HDCs in the same Hole / location

VDC = 2 DC to the same hole / ground

Color Change


Head Making

1- 6sc into Mr
2- 6inc = 12sc
3- (1sc 1inc) 6 = 18sc
4- (2sc 1inc) 6 = 24sc
5- (3sc 1in) 6 = 30sc
6- (4sc 1inc) 6 = 36sc
7- (5sc 1inc) 6 = 42sc
8- (6sc 1inc) 6 = 48sc
9- (7sc 1inc) 6 = 54sc
10- (8sc 1inc) 6 = 60sc
11- (9sc 1inc) 6 = 66
12 / 23- 66sc to rows
24- (10sc 1w) 6 = 78sc (Eyes should be inserted 1 row before this row. You can leave a 10sc space between the eyes.)
25- (12sc 1inc) 6 = 84sc
26 / 29- ranks 84sc

30- (12sc 1dec) 6 = 78sc
31- (11sc 1dec) = 72sc
32- (10sc 1dec) 6 = 66sc
33- (9sc 1dec) 6 = 60sc
34- (8sc 1dec) 6 = 54sc
35- (7sc 1dec) 6 = 48sc
36- (6sc 1dec) 6 = 42sc
37- (5sc 1dec) 6 = 36sc
38- (4sc 1dec) 6 = 30sc
39- (3sc 1dec) 6 = 24sc
40- (2sc 1dec) 6 = 18sc head is finished.

Foot, Leg and Body Making

Chain 1-10, go back 1sc to 2nd chain, 7sc to same place 3sc, 7sc, 1inc = 20sc
2-1inc, 7sc, 3inc, 7sc, 2inc = 26
3-1sc, 1inc, 7sc, (1sc, 1inc) 3, 7sc, (1sc, 1inc) 2 = 32sc
4-2sc, linc, 7sc, (2sc, 1inc) 3, 7sc, (2sc, 1inc) 2 = 38sc
5-8) 38sc
9-10sc, (1dec, 1sc) * 6, 10sc = 32sc

10-10sc, 6dec, 10sc = 26sc
11-8sc, 6dec, 6sc = 20sc
12-9sc, 1dec, 9sc = 19sc
13-26 (14 rows) = 19sc
27- 19sc as flo.
With tan rope;
9sc, ldec, 8sc = 18sc to the blo part of the 27th row
28-50 (22 rows) = 18sc

Let’s move on to the white color for underwear.
As 52-Flo, pull 3 chains, batch in the same place, let’s do the same until the end of the row. There will be a frill.
Let’s switch to the blo part of the 52nd row with 2 chains. 17sc as block, 1inc = 19sc
53-57. Between rows = 19sc

Let’s cut the rope and knit the other leg. Let’s not cut the last leg and set it as the baby’s right leg. Let’s align the legs, center the sides and pull 5 chains and connect the right leg to the left leg. (You can get help from the pictures)

58-19sc left leg + 5sc from the front of the chain, 19sc right leg + 5sc from the rear of the chain = 48sc
** Let’s attach your locator to the junction of the two legs. (Available in the picture)
59-64 = 48sc
65- (6sc, 1dec) * 6 = 42sc


Let’s go to the skin color
66-68 = 42sc
69- (5sc, 1dec) * 6 = 36sc
70-84 = 36sc
(Let’s Arrange the Strings in the 85th row. Let’s go to the arm description and complete the arms.)
85-Let’s make a frequent injection to the body until the left arm joins and let’s take the locator here. Let’s put 4 frequent needles on the left arm and 4 frequent needles on the body and knit together. 14sc from front of body, 4sc from body and right arm, 14sc from back of body.
86-Left arm exposed 10sc, 14sc front body, right arm exposed 10sc, 14sc rear body = 48sc
87-Left arm (1dec, 6sc, 1dec), 14sc front body, Right arm (1dec, 6sc, 1dec), 14sc rear body = 44sc
88-Left arm (1dec, 4sc, 1dec), front (6sc, 10,6sc), Right arm (1dec, 4sc, 1dec), rear (6sc, 1dec 6sc) = 40sc
89-Left arm (1dec, 2sc, 1dec), front (5sc, 10,6sc), Right arm (12,2sc, 1dec), rear (6sc, 1dec, 5sc)
90-Left arm (1dec, 1sc, 1dec), front (4sc, 1dec, 5sc), Right arm (1dec, 1sc, 1dec), rear (6sc, 1dec, 4sc)
91-Left arm 2dec, front (3sc, 1dec, 4sc), Right arm 2dec, rear (4sc, ldec, 3sc)
92-Left arm 1dec, front 8sc, Right arm 1dec, rear 8sc = 18sc
Between 93-98 = 18sc


6sc into 1-Mr
2-6inc = 12sc
3- (1inc, 3sc) * 6 = 18sc
18sc from 4-6
7-2dec, 14sc = 16sc
8- 2dec, 12sc = 14sc
9-32 (24 rows) = 14sc


6sc into 1-Mr
2- (2sc, 1inc) * 2 = 8sc
3- 8sc


Let’s cut around 20-23 cm 1.5 ″ electrical wire for the arms. Let’s tape the ends. Let’s make way into the arms with number 4 skewers and attach the sleeves to both ends of the wire. You can do it before or 1-2 rows after joining the arms. Let’s double the 70 cm long 2.5 wire for the legs and the body, let’s make room for both legs with a 4-5 or 5 numbered spit and send both ends of the wire to the feet. After combining the arms, let’s bend the wire a little and prevent the arm wires from going up. Let’s fill the body very tightly with fiber beads.



With white:
Go back on the 1-46 chain and 44sc
2-7sc, 7 chains, skip 9sc, 7sc, 8 chains for buttonhole back bat
3-15. 12 rows of 44sc between the rows (Let’s pull 8 chains for the buttonhole in the 10th row and sink.)

  1. Next, let’s connect the two ends of the blouse with a needle and move on to the skirt color.


Let’s pull 16-2 chains. 2 double handrails in each hole along the row. Connect with cc
Let’s pull 17-2 chains. 1 single 1 double handrail per hole along the row. Connect with cc
(Those who do not want very fluffy skirts can make this row 2 single and 1 pair of handrails.)
18-26. Let’s continue without increasing 9 rows between rows.

  1. Let’s make a row of double handrails as flo. Let’s break the pink thread.
  2. In the blo part of the row, a row of double handrails with white
  3. Row (on blo) with a row of white double handrails

Dress Collar:

Let’s wrap our rope in the middle of the blouse collar. Right behind the blouse, double handrail.2 chain back to the starting point, double handrail. Let’s do the same for the other side of the collar.

Hangers of the Dress:

Let’s scroll through the pink bowknot so that the skirt runs from the waist to the neckline.
Let’s take the rope to the front and make 2 or 3 handrails in each loop from the collar to the hem waist.

Dress Sleeve

Let’s make a single pair of frequent needles along the circumference of the arm.
Let’s continue 5 rows without incrementing and decreasing in the next rows.
Let’s make frequent needles around the arm with a row of pink.

Shoe Making

Chain 1-11, 1sc to 2nd chain, 8sc, 4sc to the same place, 8sc, 1inc = 23sc
2-1inc, 8sc, 4inc, 8sc, 2inc = 30
3-1sc, 1inc, 4sc, 4 hdc, (1hdc, 1inc) * 4, 4hdc, 4sc, (1sc, 1inc * 2) = 37sc
4- 2sc, 1inc, 8sc, (2sc, 1inc) * 4, 8sc, (2sc, 1inc) * 2 = 44sc
44sc with 5- loop shift (I used yellow color)
6-8 = 44sc
9-Single handrail as 13sc, 9dec, 12sc (switch to yellow color for 10th row)
44sc in 10-cc (pull 30 chains where you will make the shoelace and continue to cc ‘.

Making the Buckle

Flower petals: 5 pieces will be made
6sc into -Mr

  • 1sc inc
    -2sc, 1inc
    -3sc, inc = 15sc
    -3 Row = 15sc
    -3sc, 1dec
    Let’s fold it in half and knit together.5sc, 1chain, turn back.5sc, join the two ends.

Mid flower; same as the nasal recipe. For green leaf; Let’s do the same for the other part of the chain, from large to small, when you come up with a handrail from small to large on 15 chains. Let’s do 2 leaves. Let’s form a crown with a handrail on the chain around the head. Let’s sew the flower on the crown.

Bag Making

6 Let’s make a link from the chain. 12dc into it. In the next row, let’s get 24dc with double handrails.
Let’s do it as blo at 16. Let’s pull 10 chains, tie it across.

  • (2hdc, 1dec) during the turn
    Let’s finish by decreasing as hdc continuously during 2 rows.
    Let’s pull a chain for the handles and add a tassel in front of the bag.

Our Flower Girl recipe has been completed. I hope you came this far and completed the recipe. Enjoy It …