Maşuk Baby Girl Recipe

We Start With The Shirt Color.

  1. into mr (6sc)
    2.6inc (12sc)
    3.1sc-1inc (18sc)
    4.2sc-1inc (24sc)
    5.3sc-1inc (30sc)
    6.1 row (30sc)
    7.1 row (30sc)
  2. 4sc-1inc (36sc)
  3. BLO (36sc)
    10.1 row (36x)
    11.4sc-1dec (30sc)
    12.1 row (30sc)
    13.1 row (30sc)
    14.3sc-1dec (24sc)
    15.1 row (24sc)
    16.1 row (24sc)
    17.1 row (24sc)
  4. Don’t forget to stuff 2sc-1dec (18sc) Fibers!
    19.1 row (18sc)
  5. 1sc-1dec (12sc)
  6. 1 row (12sc) We change the rope and go to the head with Skin Color.
  7. BLO (12sc)
    23.12inc (24sc)
    24.24inc (48sc)
    25.1 row (48sc)
    26.1 row (48sc)
    27.1 row (48sc)
    28.1 row (48sc)
    29.1 row (48sc)
    30.1 row (48sc)
    31.6sc-1dec (42sc)
    32.5sc-1dec (36sc)
    33.4sc-1dec (30sc)
    34.3sc-1dec (24sc)
  8. 2sc-1dec (18sc) Don’t forget to fill in fiber!
    36.1sc-1dec (12sc)
    37.6dec (6sc) Cut the rope and twist the rope in the head and destroy it.
    Head is over… We determine the place of our eyes with 5 stitches between the 29th and 30th rows and put them on.
    With Shirt Color;
    When we switch to skin color in the head section of the shirt collars, by making the BLO (12x) from where we made the FLO;
    3sc – 1HDC – (1W) * DC (3 2-piece Banisters per 1 stitch) – 1CC – (1W) * DC (3-knot Banisters per 1 stitch) – 1HDC – 4sc

We Start With The Skirt Color.
Where we made BLO (36sc) in the body section, we now start as FLO. The skirt part consists of DCs.
1.1 single DC – 1v DC (54DC)
2.2 single DC – 1v DC (72DC)
3.1 row (72DC)
Skirt Finished…
We Start With Skin Color.

  1. into mr (4sc)
    2.4inc (8sc)
    3.4dec (4sc)
    We continue with the shirt color for the sleeves. From where the hands end, we pull a chain of the desired length with the shirt color and fix it to the body. We do not fill fiber!

We Start With The Color Of The Shoes.

  1. into mr (5sc)
    2.5inc (10sc)
    3.1 row (10sc)
    4.1 row (10sc)
    5.5dec (5sc)
    You can knit the leg section starting from the feet and knit in the shape of a chain and fix it under the skirt section. I shared how to make the legs in this video. We do not fill fiber!
    You can embroider her eyelashes and mouth with black ethamine thread or sewing thread.
    For her hair, you can cut your desired color rope in equal lengths and fix it to the head section.
    I hope it was revealing enough